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What is the 5P Approach?

The 5P Approach provides a clear, structured and practical framework which can be used by professionals, parents and organisations to understand, prevent and manage behaviour change.

The 5P Approach adopts a

preventative and positive approach to intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or special educational needs & disability.  A

lthough the primary focus was (and continues to be) individuals with

autism spectrum disorder or special educational needs & disability, t

he 5P Approach's flexible and personalised framework can be used within any organisation and with any individual whatever their needs.

Since its development, the 5P Approach is now used within many schools, care homes and organisations for individuals, within classes and groups or as a basis for a whole school or organisation approach to intervention for their particular cohort. The 5P Approach is also successfully used within the home setting.

An introduction to the 5P Approach is available in Linda's first book, "Practical Behaviour Management Solutions for Childen & Teens with Autism - the 5P Approach". 

Linda's second book, "Developing Flexibility Skills with children and young people wth autism - the 5P Approach to Thinking, Learning and Behaviour" was published in March 2013 and expands the 5P Approach concept. The approach continues to develop and evolve as people use it, including the development of new resources and materials designed to support the 5P Approach framework

You can download some of the key 5P Approach resources by following this link

          What are the 5"P"s of the 5P Approach? 
Each "P" represents a stage in the 5P Approach process - follow this link to find out more

The 5P Approach Philosophy                                           

             How the 5P Approach is used

Underpinning the 5P Approach philosophy is the view that maintaining positive wellbeing and meeting individual's needs (being in the GREEN Zone) is the key to preventing behaviour issues from arising.

The 5P Approach uses the distinctive  GREEN, AMBER & RED traffic light colours to distinguish between levels of behaviour and places the emphasis on using different strategies at the different levels. Read more by following this link

It promotes "GREEN" behaviour intervention. At its core is a focus on prevention ( being in the "GREEN" Zone) rather than "cure". Using the 5P Approach therefore begins by establishing good foundations (the GREEN zone), creating an approach and  environment which meets individuals' needs and where behaviour issues are at a minimum. Read more about GREEN Zones by following this link

The 5P Approach takes an "Interactionist" or "Biopsychosocial"  perspective. in other words it gives due weight to the individual, their thoughts, feelings and needs and to  the interaction of the individual with their environment ( family, peers, teachers, classroom setting, community). 

The 5P Approach therefore places an emphasis on understanding the individual really well (Profiling) and then creating a personalised plan (an Individual Green Zone) to ensure their needs are met. 

It is also about finding out why an individual behaves in certain ways, what factors influence their behaviour and identifying what can be done to make a positive change (see "How the 5P Approach is used")

The 5P Approach has two distinct elements:                  

1. Meeting needs and staying GREEN : Creating GREEN ZONES & creating a “Working with Me” pack    

2. Tackling the “tricky “ issues ( RED behaviours)  by following the 5P problem-solving pathway & creating an Intervention Hierarchy or 5P behaviour plan.


1. Using the 5P Approach always starts with GREEN. The priority is understanding the individual well (PROFILE - the first "P") and using this information to begin to create an Individual GREEN Zone, a plan which sets out exactly what the individual needs and what the adults around them can do to ensure the GREEN Zone is in place. 

2. Tackling the "tricky" issues begins by finding out why an individual behaves in certain ways, what factors influence their behaviour and identifying early warning signs ( the AMBER behaviours). This uses the Problem-Analysis and Problem-solve ( the 3rd and 4th of the 5Ps) elements of the 5P Approach to create a plan (the fifth P) or Intervention Hierarchy which aims to change the behaviour and put things in place at GREEN to prevent issues arising in the future. 

The 5P Approach behaviour plan or Intervention Hierarchy sets out strategies and actions at GREEN, AMBER & RED with the aim of getting back to GREEN as soon as possible if an issue arises. 

To read more about the 5P Plan or Intervention Hierrachy 
                                     follow this link.

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