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Introducing the 5P Approach

The 5P Approach provides a practical framework which can be used by professionals, parents and organisations who want a better understanding about the behaviour of children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders and how to prevent problems from arising, who want help with the process of managing behaviour change and who want to adopt a preventative and positive approach to intervention.

The 5P Approach uses the distinctive GREENAMBER & RED traffic light colours to distinguish between levels of behaviour and places the emphasis on using different strategies at the different levels.


The 5P Approach Philosophy

The 5P Approach promotes “GREEN” behaviour intervention. At its core is a focus on prevention (being in the GREENZone) rather than “cure”.

The 5P Approach therefore promotes establishing good foundations
(a GREEN zone), creating an approach and  environment which meets individuals' needs and where behaviour issues are at a minimum.

This is about finding out why a child or young person behaves in certain ways, understanding what factors influence their behaviour and identifying any early warning signs (AMBER) that indicate that challenging behaviours may be developing. This forms the basis of developing a preventative and positive behaviour intervention plan (PIP) for the individual which includes supporting them to learn new skills. The 5P Approach provides a 5 step framework to help with this process.

How is it used? The 5P Approach was developed by Linda Miller and emerged over several years as a result of her work as a specialist educational psychologist working with autism in schools and with families. The 5P Approach can be used with individuals or as a whole school/organisation model for preventative behaviour intervention. It can be used in family based work or within either a special or mainstream school setting. It is easily adapted for use as a general behaviour intervention tool for those who are not on the autistic spectrum. The 5P Approach is now used within many schools and organisations either for use with individual children or with classes and groups or as a basis for a whole school or organisation approach to autism / behaviour intervention. The approach continues to develop and evolve as people use it, including new resources and materials. 

An introduction to the 5P Approach is available in Linda's first book - Practical Behaviour Management Solutions for Children and Teens with Autism – The 5P Approach. Linda's new book, "Developing Flexibility Skills with children and young people wth autism - the 5P Approach to Thinking, Learning and Behaviour" was published in March this year and expands the 5P Approach concept. 
If you want to know more about the 5P Approach & Consultancy services, the books and their author you can find this by following the links from this page.
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